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Site 8SJ3478, possibly the Industry: a British 18th-century shipwreck

The Artifacts: The Boxes and Their Contents: 8SJ3478-59,60 and 61

BoxesThree boxes were discovered during the 1999 field season. The first two boxes found were still sealed with iron fasteners. The third box had only two of its original wooden sides remaining on top of a concreted mass which consisted of the spilled ferrous contents of the box, primarily axe heads. Faint writing is visible beneath the marine encrustation on box 8SJ3478-59, and is quite distinct and legible on box 8SJ3478-60. Figure 7 shows box 8SJ3478-60 on the dock just after recovery. The original dimensions of the boxes would be 15 inches (37 cm) in length, approximately 9 and 3/4 inches (24.5 cm) in width, and just under 8 inches (20cm) in height. The boxes appear to be made of pine. The script writing that is distinct contains the words "Illinoise" and "Ax's 20". 

The boxes are currently undergoing a series of fresh water rinses to remove as much of the salt as possible. After x-ray, a treatment plan will be determined based on the amount and condition of the boxes contents.


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Franklin, Marianne
2000, Site 8SJ3478, possibly the Industry: A British 18th-Century Shipwreck, Conservation Research Laboratory Research Report #10, World Wide Web,
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