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Alex' Nau from the Livro náutico
Alex' Nau from the Livro náutico

Nautical Archaeology Program Alex Hazlett has reconstructed, step by step, a Portuguese India nau following a list of timbers from a c. 1590 document titled "Medidas pera fazer hua nao de seiscentas tonelladas, e os paos q hà de leuar de souoro e pinho."

This list is part of a precious manuscript in Portugal's Biblioteca Nacional, titled Livro nautico ou meio pratico de construção de navios, e galés antigas, which the ShipLab and the National Library are working to make available on-line.

Not focusing too much on the hull shape, Alex has been able to place each of the timbers in its right place and deduce many of the scantlings with a good degree of certainty.

His seminal work - which was the subject of his Ph.D. dissertation - has been the basis for further structural studies and stands as a major contribution to the understanding of Portuguese shipbuilding practices in the period under analysis.

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