Anse des Laurons 2

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The Anse des Laurons 2 shipwreck is an extremely well-preserved Roman wreck of the late 3rd century. The wreck was found in the Roman port of Laurons at Martigues, Bouches-du-Rhône on the south coast of France. Evidence suggests that the ship sank while being careened for repairs, and was mostly empty at the time.

Main Publication

Gassend, J.-M, B. Liou and S. Ximénès. "L'épave 2 de l'anse des Laurons (Martigues, Bouche-du-Rhône)" Archeonautica 4 (1984): 75-105. (English translation available in offprints).

For information on the rigging elements, see

Ximénès, S. and M. Moerman. "Port Romain des Laurons (Martigues): Éléments d'accastillage antiques. Cahiers d'archéologue subaquatique 9 (1990): 5-25

Archaeological material and re-dating

Ximénès, S. and M. Moerman. "Le matériel archéologique de l'épave Laurons II (Martigues-Bouches-du-Rhône)" Cahiers d'archéologue subaquatique 10 (1991) 209-222
Note: The ship was originally dated to the second century AD (in the 1984 publication) based on a coin found. However, this later study of the archaeological material, including a coin from the end of the third century suggests the ship sank in the second half of the third century AD.


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