Belitung Wreck (c. 826)

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Wreck found near the Indonesian island of Belitung in 1998.

Large parts of the hull require further recording; further study is intended.

A displaced, eroded timber, sided 22 cm and molded 34 cm, is possibly a sternpost.

Three through-beams survived.

Ballast consisted of about ten tons of lead ingots.

Keel is U-shaped with an upcurving forward end, into which the stem is stepped in a mortise. There was no false keel and no rabbet; the garboard was lashed to the upper edge of the keel. The framing plan is erratic in spacing and size. Outer frame faces are notched to bridge seam stitching and wadding and are stitched to the planking. Frames do not cross the keel; they are actually half-frames.1


1. Richard Steffy, INA Shipdata Project, Texas A&M University.

2. Flecker, M., “A 9th-century Arab or Indian shipwreck in Indonesian waters,” IJNA 29.2 (2000): 199-217.

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