Bon-Porté (c. 535 BCE)

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When: 3rd quarter of the 6th century BC.

Where: Found near Saint Tropez, in the South of France and excavated by Jean-Pierre Joncheray.

Origin: It is almost certainly from Etruscan origin.

Dated by amphoras; very sparsely preserved. Was approximately 10 m long.

Construction Features

Bon Porte.JPG

Keel and Mas Step

The keel was preserved along 3 m. It’s section was 6.4 cm sided and 9.6 cm molded. The mast step was preserved

Frames and Joinery The few frames that survived were polygonal in cross-section and spaced a meter apart. Futtocks were joined by treenailed diagonal scarfs. The frames did not appear to be attached to the planking, but to what and how they were attached was not described.1 Five frames were preserved. Diagonal holes in the planking piercing the strakes all the way through and spaced 4.5 cm suggest that these frames were sewn in the same way, this explaining the shape of their oval-like section. Frame number 4 had a hexagonal section with a maximum sided dimension of 12 cm (and a minimum of 3 cm in its base) and was 14 cm molded. Notches on the base of the frames suggest that the ligatures were pressed against a roll of fibrous material with double function: isolation/caulking and rounding of the knots. Floors and futtocks were assembled through diagonal horizontal scarves locked by two small internal treenails. The frames were spaced from .92 to 1 m.


The planking was 2 cm thick. The dowels linking the planks were 10-12 cm long, with Ø 1 cm and // 15-16 cm. The pegs closing the diagonal holes were  2.5 cm long, with Ø 5/6 mm and // 4 cm.


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