Boscawen (1759)

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This vessel was discovered during the Fort Ticonderoga King’s Shipyard Excavation on the western shore of Lake Champlain. Crisman’s publication reveals numerous structural variations related to freshwater shipbuilding and the stress of war. Perhaps the most interesting detail was in the framing. First futtocks were not attached to the floor timbers, but were separated from them by several inches. Their heels began about 25 cm from the keel, producing an alternating floor and half-frame system similar to ancient Greek and Roman hulls.1


1. Richard Steffy, INA Shipdata Project, Texas A&M University.

2. Crisman, K. J., “The Construction of the Boscawen.” The Bulletin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum 14.6 (1985): 356-70.

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