British Treatises

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Matthew Baker, Fragments of Ancient English Shipwrightry, (c. 1570)

Phineas Pett?, Scott manuscript, (c.1600)

Newton's Manuscript, (c.1600), Anonymous

Harriot, Harriot's manuscript,

John Wells?, Treatise on Shipbuilding & A Treatise on Rigging, c. 1620-25.

Edmund Bushnell, The Complete Shipwright, 1669.

Deane, Naval Doctrine,

Mungo Murray, Treatise on shipbuilding

Anonymous, The shipbuilder's Repository, 1788.

Sutherland,Ship-builders Assistant,1711 (and 1784).

Hutchinson,Treatise on Practical Seamanship,1777 (and 1781, and 1787).

Thomas Gordon, Principals of naval Architecture, 1784.

Stalkartt, Naval Architecture, 1781.

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