Caio Nuevo Shipwreck, Mexico (c. 1550)

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Found in 1979 in the bay of Campeche, Mexico, by two sport divers from Louisiana this Spanish wreck from the middle 16th century was surveyed by a joint team from Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, under the direction of archaeologist Pilar Luna. Although no hull remains were found, other than a small piece of timber and some pieces of lead from the calking, a bronze gun bearing the date 15?2, possibly 1552, was found together with five iron guns, two anchors, ceramic fragments, metal concretions and ballast stones. An anchor laying about 200 m from the shipwreck site may be related to this shipwreck, as a testimony of the last attempt of the crew to avoid the loss of this ship.


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