Cais do Sodré

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(This article is incomplete)


In cooperation with IGESPAR/DANS, CMAC is working on the organization and publication of the primary data of a shipwreck found in 1995 during the excavation of a new subway station at Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon, Portugal, where is now the end of line "Caravela." This interesting site was excavated by the late Paulo Jorge Rodrigues, whose untimely death interrupted the study and publication.

A preliminary report was complete in August 2010, and a paper summarizing the primary data is in pending publication. We expect to review the data with new informatic tools, correct eventual problems and propose an interpretation of this site. Developed in cooperation with Mauro Bondioli and Mariangela Nicolardi, this project is a homage to Paulo Jorge Rodrigues.

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