Goncalo Roiz and Sebastiao Themudo's Naus (c. 1600)

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The naus of Gonçalo Roiz (c. 1600) and Sebastião Themudo (1598) are two manuscripts copied by Lavanha and transcribed and published by João da Gama Pimentel Barata in his comments to Lavanha's Livro Primeiro. These two short descriptions of India naus contain only the measures and features considered by their authors fundamental in the definition of these ships and present precious information on the length of keel and posts, number of pre-designed frames, and other basic characteristics, such as the shape of the transom.


Lavanha, Livro primeiro de Architectura Naval, Fac-simile, transcription and translation into English, Lisboa: Academia de Marinha, 1996: 115-118 and 237-241.

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