Hjortspring Boat

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         Earliest N. European vessel found. Remarkable features: double horns at bow and stern, similar to Scandinavian rock art images. Keel plank a hollowed log, upper strakes joined laced lapstrake. Thwarts for rowers.  Built around 350 BC (established by relative dating/ comparison of weapons styles associates and C14 2 samples:370 &390 BC) in the Baltic region, used likely for raiding, then sacrificed (?) in a bog on the island of Als, Denmark. Discovered (in fragments)1880-1889 by peat cutters. 1915 museum official Jens Raben hears of it.  Excavated 1921-22 by Gustav Rosenberg. Reassembly by Fr.Johannesen. Exhibited at National Museum in Copenhagen 1921-mid 60s. Re-conserved replacing alum with PEG 400 1960s-80s. Reconstructions attempted beginning 1971.  1986 reexcavated bog area, found. 2 new wood samples for C14 dating. 1986 New exhibition built. 1995-1999 seaworthy replica Tilia Alsie built.  


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