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== Other Formatting Options ==
== Other Formatting Options ==
=== Centered Text ===
Use the following code to center your text.  Bold and italicized text can be placed within the centering formatting.
<div style="text-align: center;"> Your Text Goes Here </div>
== Helpful Links ==
== Helpful Links ==

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Adding to a wiki is easy. Use the following hints to help you create and edit pages. If you ever run into trouble, look at other pages that have already been created to help troubleshoot. In some cases, these directions will only be clear if you enter the editing view of this page. This allows you to see how the code is written, and to copy/paste it for yourself. Please be careful when you enter the editing view so as not to mistakenly delete anything. It is safest to enter the editing view only for the topic that you are interested in. This can be done by clicking [edit] in the upper right corner of the section you are reading.


Creating a New Page

1. Search for title of the new page that you would like to create in the search bar on the left side of the screen. The following message will pop up on the screen...

There is no page titled "Miscellaneous Ship". You can create this page

Click on the red create this page. Begin to edit!

Editing a Page

To edit an existing page, click on the edit tab at the top of the page. Use the buttons at the top row to format or create internal and external links. If you prefer, you can memorize the simple code for different commands in order to change formating, or you can use the buttons to make things faster.

Linking a New Page to a Category

New pages should be linked to a category, such as Ships, Treatises, Documents, etc., so that they appear on that category's page and are easy to find. Create an internal link at the top of your page with the following text...

category: Ships

The word "Ships" can be replaced with Treatises, Documents, etc. in order to link to the correct page.

Note: An internal link has two brackets on either side of the link title. [[ ]] In this case, the bracket's would surround the entire phrase category: Ships. Look out an existing page in the editing format to get an idea of what this formatting should look like.

Deleting a Page

Deleting a page can only be done by administrators. If you have made a mistake on the page title, it cannot be changed. If you would like that page to be deleted, contact and administrator (emails are listed on the home page) and they will delete the page for you.

Changing the Title of a Page

It is not possible to change the title of a page. Simply create a new page with the proper title and ask an administrator to delete the old page.

Giving a Title to an External Link

If you do not give a title to an external link, it will appear as [1]. To add a title, leave a space after the web address and then type the title that you would like. Be sure that the title is contained within the external link brackets, which look like [ ].

An example... (view it in the editing format if you are still unclear)

[ Nautical Archaeology Program] gives Nautical Archaeology Program

Uploading Images

Click here to upload a file

Or, click the Upload file link on the left side of the page. Click the "Choose file" button to browse for the image. It will load into the Destination filename: box. Add a description which will appear on the image's page.

Adding Single Images to Articles

Full Scale Images

After uploading the image, add a single image at full scale to an article by clicking the 'Embedded file' button on the editing toolbar, and replace 'Example.jpg' with the file name and extension of your uploaded image.


[[File:Example.jpg]], replace Example.jpg with the name and extension of your image.


Example 1.jpg

Thumbnail Images

To add a thumbnail image to an article, click the 'Embedded file' button on the editing toolbar, replace 'Example.jpg' with your image name and extension, add a vertical line (| - Shift+backslash) after the extension and type 'thumb' inside the bracket. The default position of the thumbnail is on the right side of the page, you can change the position to either the center or left of the page by adding a vertical line and typing 'left' or 'center'.




Example 1.jpg

Image Captions


To add a caption to an image (either full scale or thumbnail), add a vertical line (|) and your caption inside the brackets.

Example (would create a captioned thumbnail image on the right side of the page):


Additional image formatting options from MediaWiki

How to Add a Picture Gallery

Below is an example of a gallery, which are generally located underneath the text rather than on the side. There are several ways to make galleries, the easiest may be to enter this page in editing format and copy/paste the code for the gallery below. You can change the gallery title, the number of images per row, the image labels, and the size that the image thumbnails appear.

Directions: (These will only make sense if you look at the code itself)

1. Type the title of the image immediately after Image:

2. If you want to add a thumbnail title, type a vertical line | after the image title and add a thumbnail title.

3. The thumbnail titles can be formatted by using the buttons.

4. Change the gallery title, thumbnail sizes, and images per row by editing the information in the top row of the gallery code.

<gallery caption="Title of Gallery" widths="180px" heights="120px" perrow="3">
Image:Example_1.jpg|Example 1
Image:Example_2.jpg|''Example 2''
Image:Example_3.jpg|'''Example 3'''
Image:Example_4.jpg|Example 4


Adding a Table

The code to add a table is listed below. Copying and pasting this code is the easiest way to add a table. Enter the editing view of this page and copy/paste the code to your page. You can change the column and row titles, as well as fill in the boxes. Please be careful not to delete anything on this page while you are in the editing format.

{|border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"
!Column Title!!Column Title!!Column Title
|Row Title 1
|example data
|example data
|Row Title 2
|Row Title 3
|Row Title 4
|Row Title 5
|Row Title 6


Column Title Column Title Column Title
Row Title 1 example data example data
Row Title 2
Row Title 3
Row Title 4
Row Title 5
Row Title 6

Other Formatting Options

Centered Text

Use the following code to center your text. Bold and italicized text can be placed within the centering formatting.

Your Text Goes Here

Helpful Links

There are many ways to edit a wiki and add interesting features to your page. Just because the formatting button doesn't exist doesn't mean that you can't create color or add a gallery by typing in the appropriate code. The following links are helpful.


General Creation and Editing Help from MediaWiki - contains answers to most questions

Other formatting options from Wikipedia

Though this link provides information on how to add new short-cut formatting buttons, you can just use the code in the right hand column to change the formating on your page without creating an entire new button. Please don't try to create new buttons unless you are a formatting wizard, it can cause the current NAPwiki formating buttons to fail.

Text formatting options from MediwWiki

Gallery Help From Wikipedia

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