Kyrenia (ca. 305 BCE)

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Dated by amphoras, coins, and artifacts, this little Greek merchantman sank a kilometer off the north coast of Cyprus with a load of amphoras, most of them probably filled with wine. The hull remains were raised, recorded, preserved in polyethylene glycol, and reassembled in the Crusader Castle in Kyrenia, Cyprus. The hull, along with sectional replicas, cargo, and other displays, are open to the pubic. In 1985, a copy of the original, Kyrenia II, was launched and has been sailing the Mediterranean until 2002, when it was scheduled to be placed in a museum under construction in southern Cyprus. A second sailing replica, Kyrenia Liberty, was launched late in 2002 in Cyprus and will be used to further study ancient sailing techniques. At least two major overhauls make this a very old hull. 1


1. Richard Steffy, INA Shipdata Project, Texas A&M University.

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