Latin Nautical Glossary

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== F ==
== F ==
faber navalis: shipwright
forus: deck
== G ==
== G ==

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acatus: boat

adminiculum: tiller

ancora: anchor

ancorale: sheet anchor

antennae: yard

apertus: (galley) with open sides

aplustre: stern ornament


biremis: two-banked galley


carina: keel

celoces: swift galleys reckoned among the small craft of a fleet

cercurus: a swift vessel, of no great size, driven by sail and oar, used as a fast merchantman as well as an auxillary in the fleets

ceruchus: lift - a line from the mast truck to the yardarm

clavus: helm, tiller

codicarius: river boatman

constratum: the fighting deck of a galley, the main deck of a merchantman

constratus (see tectus): a galley, protected by decking above and screens along the sides

contus: a pole used for punting or fending off

corvus: a boarding bridge




faber navalis: shipwright

forus: deck


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