Lomellina, Villefranche-sur-Mer wreck

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Discovered 1979, Villefranch-sur-Mer, French Mediterranea, near Nice. Excavated from 1982-1990, 2001,2001. Site lay 18m deep on 45 slope, silted over. Overall: est. 46.5m length x 14m width x 4.4m. Keel length: 33.38m. Est. Tonnage:. 825 tonnes

 The Lomellina sank during a high-wind storm September 15, 1516 in Villfranche-sur-Mer harbor during repairs. A carvel, frame-based Genoese nave a heavy merchant cargo ship used for trade and transport which may have been supplying guns and ammunition to troops on land during the Great Wars of Italy.  Identified via associated coins, pottery, timber sourcing and by mention in State Archives in Genoa. Had aboard wrought-iron guns, carriages and ammunition, molds, multiple sizes of lead, iron and stone shot, and a variety of grenades. Notable structural attributes: side portholes, Mediterranean style mast step, orlop deck with conduits for bilge water and  a partially repaired capstan. 

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