Ma'agan Mikhael

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Kahanov, Y. 1996. "Conflicting Evidence for Defining the Origin of the Ma'agan Mikhael Shipwreck." In Tropis VI, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity, edited by H. Tzalas, 245-248. Athens: Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition, 1999.

Kahanov, Y. 1999. "The Metal Nails from the Ma'agan Mikhael Ship." IJNA 28: 277-88.

Final Publication

Linder, E., and Y. Kahanov. 2003. The Ma'agan Mikhael Ship, A Recovery of a 2400-Year-Old Merchantman, edited by E. Black. Jerusalem: Old City Press.


Hecht Museum - Ma'agan Mikhael Shipwreck

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