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When: Late 5th century BC.

Where: 70 meters off the coast of the kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, in Israel

Origin: Probable Greek origin (the ballast was of blue schist from Greece).

Found and excavated by Prof. Elisha Linder.

Construction Features

It was 13,5 m long by 4 m beam. With as estimated displacement of 25 tons. The hull was preserved to the waterline, including the keel, stem and stern posts, mast step and stanchions. The wood was in a very good condition, no trace of teredo worm was found, sugesting tht this ship was new when it sunk.

The frames, with similar sections to the other ships mentioned were nailed to the hull. The hull had been assembled with pegged mortise-and-tenon joints. At stern and bow the garboards were sewn to the keel. This hull has been conserved in peg and is going to be reassembled.


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Final Publication

Linder, E., and Y. Kahanov. 2003. The Ma'agan Mikhael Ship, A Recovery of a 2400-Year-Old Merchantman, edited by E. Black. Jerusalem: Old City Press.


Hecht Museum - Ma'agan Mikhael Shipwreck

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