Oost Flevoland B71 Lelystad buertschip

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--Kflworthington 22:47, 20 November 2010 (UTC) Discovered and excavated 1980-81 Lelystad, Oost Flevoland, Netherlands during Zuiderzee land reclamation project. Vessel’s life dates ca. 1580-1620, a cargo and passenger ferry (beurtschip, wijdschip). Dutch vernacular example example of bottom-based carvel construction, spyukerpennen present in lowest strakes. Had leeboards, full center-mounted rudder with wings, skeg, multiple sails and spars, rabbeted keel, 47 irregular frames, keelson atop frames, single mast step amidships. Oak planking and timbers, oak treenails, some iron fastening, used sparsely. Stem and stern posts two large knees.. Repaired extensively over lifetime. Dimensions: 18.5m length (including rudder) ca.5m beam, 2.41m. keel to toprail. Large cargo hold, decks fore and aft, small crew quarters with tile hearth in forepeak. 2 windlasses, 3 burr pumps. Rigging: Single mast, large spritsail, small headsail Associated artifacts: 2 cittern, 187 whole eggs, 30 pr. shoes, salvor’s tools, mower’s tools.

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