Rigging Chronology

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This is a basic rigging chronology that is currently under construction.

Date Event Image Comment Source
50,000 BC Colonization of Australia Archaeological finds Bellwood 1979, 38-43.
11,000 BC Sailing in the Mediterranean Obsidian from Melos in SE Peloponnese Franchthi Cave Cherry 1990, 193.
3500 c. BC First depiction of a sail (square) First Depiction of Sail Casson14-11.jpg Egypt - Pot from the Gerzean period. Probably not Egyptian, as the ship has high prow and stern, looking more like Mesopotamian Bass 1972, 12-13
3000 c. BC Stone buildings and plank boats Egypt Casson 1994, 15
2500 c. BC Rowing and tiller bar Egypt Casson 1994, 19
2450 c. BC Seagoing ships with hogging trusses and bipod masts
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