Scott Manuscript (c.1600)

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This manuscript is an important early work in English shipwrightery and unfortunately is still unpublished: though a work by a reputable scholar is tentatively scheduled for early 2005. The work was formerly no 798 in the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) library collection, but in 1999 it was auctioned to a private owner by Christie's of London.

John Coates dated the Scott Manuscript to between 1590 and 1605. Richard Barker later re-defined the date slightly, to focus on the later part of this estimate. A combination of both Coates and Barker's lines of evidence in addition to comparisons of contemporary works lead this researcher to agree with the emphasis on a later date, around 1605.

It has been suggested that the author may have been the English shipwright Phineas Pett. A convincing case for this has yet to be published.1 See the Newton Manuscript page for more details...


1. Pearce Paul Creasman 2004, ShipLab Website Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University

Further Reading

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Coates, John "The Authorship of a Manuscript on Shipbuilding c 1600-1620" Mariner's Mirror (1981) 67:285-6.

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