Shipwrecks at the Mouth of the Tagus River

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Shipwrecks at the Mouth of the Tagus River
Year Ship Provenience Wreck Site
1147 Small boats Local craft Tagus
1370 Several vessels Local craft On the coast of Cascais
1451 Caravel Portuguese Cachopos
1456 Caravel of Luis de Faria Portuguese Cachopos
1505 Nau Portuguese Lisbon
1519 Santo Antonio Portuguese Tagus mouth
1525 São Vicente Portuguese Tagus mouth
1526 Paraíso Portuguese Tagus mouth
1526 Flor de la Mar Spanish Tagus mouth
1550 Ship Spanish Tagus mouth
1561 Nuestra Señora de la Merced Spanish Tagus mouth
1564 San Juán Spanish Tagus mouth / Cachopos
1594 Galleon Spanish Tagus mouth
16?? Neptune Français French Tagus mouth
1603 N. S. de la Candelaria Spanish Lisbon
1604 S. Francisco Spanish Lisbon
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