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Skuldelev 1-6

5 Viking clinker-built (lap-strake, shell construction with rivet and rove fastening) hulls excavated from blockage in channel near Skuldelev, DK. Fully excavated 1957-1962. Conserved, reconstructed, displayed as base collection for Roskilde Viking Ship Museum. Each vessel demonstrates a specific use and working life before being scuttled.

Skudelev1:ocean-going trader (knarr) 1030 AD L:15.84m B:4.8m D: 1m Pine, Oak, Linden(Lime), built in Western Norway. Skudelev2/4: (skeid) great longship 1042 AD L approx 30m B: 3.8 D: 1m oak. Built in Dublin, Ireland. Skuldelev3: coastal trader ca.1040AD L:14m B:3.3m D:0.9m Oak. Built in Denmark Skuldelev5: small longship (snekke). ca. 1030 AD. L: 17.3 m B: 2.5 m D: 0.6 oak, pine, ash, and alder. Built in Denmark Skuldelev6: fishing vessel ca.1030AD L: 11.2 B: 2.5 D:0.5m, pine birch oak. Built in Western Norway

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