Ticonderoga (ca. 1825)

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This hull was begun as a steamboat at Vergennes, Vermont, in 1814 and was converted to a sailing vessel in its early stages. It was launched as a 17-gun schooner in May, 1814. After active duty in the battles of Lake Ticonderoga, she was put into ordinary at the Whitehall Naval Base. There, she rotted away in sank in 1825 or 1826. The wreck was excavated by amateurs for the Whitehall bicentennial celebration in 1958. The excavation was conducted by sawing the remains into pieces with chainsaws, blasting them loose from the riverbed with dynamite, and raising them with a bulldozer. Eventually, the hull remains were put on display in an enclosed shed by the Skenesboro Museum in Whitehall. It was recorded and studied by a crew under the direction of Kevin Crisman in 1981 and 1982. 1


1. Richard Steffy, INA Shipdata Project, Texas A&M University.

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