Zorzi Trombetta da Modon, Trombetta manuscript (1441-49)

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The Trombetta manuscript was written in a Venetian dialect, dated to 1441-1449, and signed by a Zorzi Trombetta from Modon in 1444. It is now in the British Museum, Cottonian manuscripts, volume Titus A.26.

Bound in a small volume with several other manuscripts, it covers several matters: music (folios 2-8), a table of contents (8v), the virtues of rosemary (9-11v), sails and rigging (12-16); astronomy (16v-19v), a letter to the pope (20-23), accounts (23v-25v and 26v), shipbuilding (27v-28v), engineering (29v-36), and again shipbuilding, sail-making and arithmetic (37-60v). 1


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Further Reading

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