Yassi Ada 7th Century 7th Century Yassi Ada

Rhinoceros model of the 7th Century Yassi Ada ship by Ryan Lee

Blender model of the remains of the steamship Anthony Wayne, currently being investigated by NAP Student Brad Krueger.

3D modeling at the AAL focuses on creating three dimensional images and rapid prototypes. By using Rhinoceros and other CAD software packages, students and researchers recreate virtually anything from artifacts to entire archaeological sites digitally.

3D modeling is especially useful when simple two-dimensional photographs or drawings are not diagnostic. In addition, once a 3D model is created, images and animations can be rendered from a number of different angles and viewpoints, unlike a traditional drawing, where the artist must begin anew each time they want addiontal images.

Through a series of training modules, students enrolled in ANTH 636 - Computer Graphics in Archaeology,

Through a series of training modules, students develop techniques for design and fabrication of complex objects. Currently, Nautical Archaeology Program students are using their computer-driven skills to reconstruct archaeological site research of shipwrecks. Some students are using these technologies to better understand construction techniques outlined in 16th, 17th, and 18th Shipbuilding Treatises.

Serce Limani

Blender model of the 11th Century Serçe Limanı ship, by Ryan Lee

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