3D Scanner

The AAL operates a Minolta Vivid 910 Non-contact 3D scanner which uses a laser beam to scan objects and digitizes them into 3D models. Laser light is reflected from the scanned object and read by a CCD camera in the scanner, and the distance calculated through triangulation. Tens or hundreds of thousands of points are generated, then meshed together to create a 3D model.

The same laser beam is also used by the camera to capture color information from the object, producing accurately-colored VRML files.

Using the 3D scanner, unique artifacts can be scanned and the data shared around the world. Because this is a non-contact laser scanner, even delicate objects can be scanned. The data can be viewed as a 3D computer model and objects can be duplicated using the zCorp 310 3D Printer.

Scanning projects have included:


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