Photographic, Imaging, Lab Services and Data Management

The Analytical Archaeology Laboratory offers services for the recovery of archaeological data from almost any format.  Images and data stored on film, old photographs a variety of video formats can successfully be retrieved and converted into digital data.

The lab also offers services for three –dimensional scanning and recording of archaeological sites and single artifact recording.  Once site data and artifact imaging is complete, it is possible to make facsimile copies of sites and  single artifacts to for teaching  and display purposes. Often, artifact replications are created in larger-than-life sizes for use in classrooms.

Imaging Services


Artifact and Site Photography
Image Re-Processing
Color Corrections
Image Recovery
Bulk File Processing and Conversion
Daguerreotype – Tin-Type – Glass Negatives – Degraded Prints and Negatives

Old photographs and printed images fade over time, resulting in the loss of information. The Wilder Lab is equipped to recover this data.  Using sophisticated software, technicians in the lab have reconstructed old building based on data merged from old collections of photographs, newspaper articles and engravings. 


3-Dimensional Artifact and Site Scanning
Cad & NURBS Illustrations
Point Cloud Processing

_K1G0005-3.jpg _K1G0005-3drawing.jpg

Using digital technologies, the lab is routinely asked to photograph, and in some cases, re-photograph single artifacts and artifact assemblages. Using this data, it is possible to render and convert photographs into line-art illustrations for publications and museum displays.

Lab Services

Microscopy and Slide Imaging
SEM and ESEM Image Acquisition
EDMS Analysis

Through the AAL, we routinely conduct investigative analysis of artifacts using computed tomography (CT scans), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays, scanning electron microscopy and environmental microscopy.  In many cases, it is possible to conduct EDMS (chemical analysis) of artifacts.


Data Management

File Compressions
File Conversions
File Archiving


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