Dr. C. Wayne Smith

C. Wayne Smith
Associate Professor, INA Faculty Fellow in Nautical Archaeology
Director, Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory
Director, Wilder 3-Dimensional Imaging Laboratory

Dr. Smith is an associate professor and director of the Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory (APRL). He holds the INA Faculty Fellowship. Working as a conservator, he specializes in the preservation of organic artifacts using silicone oils, resins, and other polymers. Archaeological Conservation Using Polymers, his most recent work published by Texas A&M University Press, discusses practical applications for the stabilization of organic artifacts. Since 1981, he has participated in survey and shipwreck assessment in the Great Lakes and participated as a student and research assistant in excavations at Port Royal, Jamaica. Working in conjunction with Donny L. Hamilton of Texas A&M University and Dow Corning Corporation of Midland, Michigan, he has developed and patented new conservation strategies and industrial applications. He also participates in numerous joint international research projects.

APRL is currently involved in the conservation of selected artifacts from La Salle Shipwreck Project, forensic anthropology, Egyptian mummy tissues studies, and the conservation of a wide range of artifacts from many of the on-going excavations from Texas A&M University and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Interests: historical archaeology, artifact conservation, artifact photography, Caribbean archaeology and Caribbean culture studies, topics in visual anthropology and digital imaging.

E-Mail: silicone@tamu.edu Phone: 979-845-6692

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