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This page is provided for students enrolled in Nautical Archaeology Program classes. Class schedules, syllabi, notes, tests, reviews, etc. can be found here if provided by the instructor. This page is provided in anticipation that the instructors will post available information. If the class title is not underlined in blue, no information on the class is available at this time.

Nautical Archaeology Program Classes

Spring 2016

  • Conservation 3ANTH 489-503
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Dr. Shelley Wachsmann
  • Introduction to Nautical ArchaeologyANTH 608
  • Skills in Maritime Archaeology
  • Dr. Shelley Wachsmann




Other Courses Previously Offered

  • Conservation 3ANTH 318
  • Nautical Archaeology of the Americas
  • Conservation 3ANTH 489
  • Romans, Arabs, Vikings
  • Dr. Filipe Castro
  • Introduction to Nautical ArchaeologyANTH 611
  • History of Wooden Shipbuilding
  • Dr. Cemal Pulak
  • Conservation 3ANTH 613
    Classical Seafaring
  • Dr. Deborah Carlson
  • Introduction to Nautical ArchaeologyANTH 615
  • History of Wooden Shipbuilding
  • Dr. Cemal Pulak
  • Deep-Submergence ArchaeologyANTH 633
  • Deep-Submergence Archaeology
  • Dr. Shelley Wachsmann
  • Conservation 3ANTH 689
  • Maritime Communities and Seafaring Life
  • Dr. Kevin Crisman



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