Cleopatra's Barge

Cleopatra's Barge began it's career as the first American built ocean going yacht in Salem, Massachusetts in 1816. She later served as a merchant vessel until 1820, when she was traded to Hawaiian King Kamehameha II in exchange for $80,000 in sandalwood. King Kamehameha II renamed Cleopatra's Barge to Ha'aheo o Hawai'i (Pride of Hawaii) and used it as his royal yacht. On April 5th 1824, Ha'aheo o Hawai'i wrecked on a reef near the mouth of the Waioli river in Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.

In 1995 the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History conducted a survey that lead to the discovery of this famous vessel. CRL is conserving a selection of the many artifacts found associated with the wreck for a comparative study of conservation techniques with the Smithsonian Institution. CRL conservators Eric Emery, Christopher Sabick and Dr. Wayne Smith are involved in the project which includes artifacts of iron, leather, wood, and plant fibers.


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