The following reports provide information on several conservation treatment processes developed by the Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory team. These reports, including text, images, and data, are intended for personal information only. Downloading reports or images for private use is not discouraged, however written permission from NAP is required for the publication of any material. Any use of this material should credit the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University.

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Reports Last Updated March 1, 2010.

Report No. 1

Silicone and Polymer Technologies: An Additional Tool in Conservation PDF

Report No. 2 

Re-treatment of PEG Treated Waterlogged Wood PDF

Report No. 3 

Re-Treatment of a PEG Treated Composite Artifact - A Sabot PDF

Report No. 4

Conservation of Waterlogged Leather Using Polymers PDF

Report No. 5

Silicone Oil: A New Technique for Preserving Waterlogged Rope PDF

Report No. 6

Conservation of 17th Century Canvas Using Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 7

Silicone Bulking of Waterlogged Cork Using PS340, PS341 and PS343 Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 8 

Conservation of Waterlogged Corn Cobs Using Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 9

Consolidation of Formalin Treated Marine Crustacean Specimens Using Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 10

Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) Leather Dressing PDF

Report No. 11

Mass Spectrographic Analysis of Out Gasses Created From The Dehydration of Archaeological Wood Samples PDF

Report No. 12

Preservation of a Dog Heart Using Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 13

Preservation of a Dog Heart Using Silicone Oils: A Second Approach PDF

Report No. 14

Preservation of Kelp Specimens PDF

Report No. 15

Conservation of Devitrified Glass with Methylhydrocyclosiloxanes and Silicone Oils PDF

Report No. 16

Polymerization of Polyethylene Glycol and Glycerine PDF

Report No. 17

Polymerization Potentials of Polyethylene Glycol Compounds Commonly Used in Archaeological Artifact Conservation PDF

Report No. 18

Polymerization of PR-10, PR-12 and PR-14 Silicone Oils In Animal Hides Using Catalyst Fumes - Keratin and Amino Acid Cross Linking PDF

Report No. 19

Polymerization of Archaeological Waterlogged Wood Treated With Polyethylene Glycol PDF

Report No. 20

Comparison of the Bulking Abilities of Polyethylene Glycol 1450 and PS341 Silicone Monomers--In progress-- PDF

Report No. 21

Tanning of Animal Hides Using Silicone Oils--In progress-- PDF

Report No. 22

Induced Flash Polymerization Using Low Neutron Flux Radiation-In progress- PDF

Report No. 23

Treatment of Waterlogged Wood Using Hydrolyzable, Multi-Functional Alkoxysilane Polymers PDF

Report No. 24

Report on the use of Jeffox in combination with PEG - In preparation

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