Study Images for Exam #1

1. Map of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean 16. Late Helladic tholos tomb
2. Obsidian blades                    17. Fortification wall at Mycenae
3. Neolithic house model 18. The Lion Gate at Mycenae
4. Neolithic figurine 19. Linear B tablets from Pylos
5. Early Helladic sauceboat 20. Warrior Vase
6. Early Minoan Vasilike Ware 21. Mycenaean alphabet figurines
7. Cycladic 'frying pan' 22. Parian marble
8. Cycladic Folded Arm Figurines (FAFs) 23. Lefkandi centaur
9. Troy VI tower and walls 24. Submycenaean stirrup jar
10. Grave Circle A at Mycenae 25. Protogeometric amphora
11. Dagger blade from shaft grave at Mycenae 26. Dipylon krater
12. Middle Minoan Kamares Ware 27. Bronze tripod cauldron
13. Bull leaping seal 28. Auxerre statuette
14. Faience house plaques from Knossos 29. Corinthian aryballos
15. Thera ship procession fresco 30. Chigi vase

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