Study Images for Exam #2

1. Greek temple plan and elevation 16. Temple of Athena Nike
2. Terracotta metope from Thermon 17. Erechtheion
3. Akroteria from Temple of Hera at Olympia 18. Athena Parthenos*
4. Pediment of Temple of Artemis at Corfu 19. Athenian Agora photo and plan
5. Metope from Temple C at Selinus 20. Stoa of Attalos
6. Pteron of the Temple of Hera at Paestum 21. Kritios Boy
7. Atlas from Temple of Zeus at Akragas 22. Mold from Phidias' Olympia workshop
8. Metropolitan (New York) kouros 23. Artemision Zeus
9. Anavysos kouros 24. Doryphoros by Polykleitos
10. Nikandre kore 25. Amphora by the Achilles Painter
11. Protoattic amphora from Eleusis 26. White ground lekythos
12. Francois Vase 27. Temple of Apollo at Bassae (interior)
13. Bilingual amphora 28. Temple of Apollo at Delphi
14. Euphronios krater 29. Tripod of Plateia (hypothetical)
15. Athenian Acropolis photo and plan 30. Tholos of Athena Pronaia at Delphi


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