General Sealants, Inc.

300 S. Turnbul Canyon Rd.
P.O. Box 3855
City of Industry, CA 91745
Toll Free: (800) 762-1144
Phone: (818) 961-0211
Fax: (818) 968-5140

GS# 213 Sealant - The sealant is designed and used for vacuum bagging, enabling the conservators to seal any size and shape of artifact into a film bag and pull a vacuum on it.  This process will be also used when the fiberglass support frames are made for the reconstruction of the Belle.


General Tools Mfg. Company

80 White Street
New York, NY 10013-3567

Phone: (212) 431-6100
Fax: (212) 431-6499

Tools - A good selection of tools is a necessity in any conservation laboratory, where one is constantly fabricating or modifying something! A variety of measuring and were donated to CRL, to help with ongoing work.


GE Silicones

260 Hudson River Rd.
Waterford, NY 12188
Phone: (518) 233-3330
Fax: (518) 233-2642


RTV-112 Self-leveling Silicon Sealant - This silicone is ideal for making a 'peel' to record makers' marks, initials, and other small surface details found on artifacts. The silicone is easy to apply and does not deteriorate over time. 



Gulf Coast Metal Sales, Inc.

P.O. Box 7310
Houston, TX 77248
Phone: (713) 861-2386
Fax: (713) 861-0157

Bronze Tubing - The donated bronze was machined into a number of different parts (sheave hubs and thrust washers) for the winches and lifting platform in the new conservation vat for the Belle.


Gulf Coast X-ray, Inc.

959 Judiary St.
Houston, TX 77018-6201
Phone: (713) 686-3696
Fax: (713) 686-3699


X-ray Machine - Encrusted artifacts are often difficult to accurately identify. Before conservation can begin, it is necessary for the conservator to identify the type of artifact, its composition, and its precise location within the confines of the encrustation. The most efficient method of determining this information is through the use of X rays. The medical X-ray machine has been put together specifically for the needs of the conservation lab by Mervin "Bo" Bogard.

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