Kimberly-Clark PHC
Kimble Glass, Inc.

.Kirkland Crane, Inc.


Kimberly-Clark PHC

P.O. Box 619100
Dallas, TX 75261
Phone: (972) 281-1200


Surgical Masks - The surgical face masks are used to protect lab personnel from the fine airborne particulate matter.



Kimble Glass, Inc.

537 Crystal Ave.
Vineland, NJ 08360-3287
Toll Free: (800) 331-2706
Fax: (856) 696-8075

Automatic Burets - The burets are used on a daily basis for wet chemistry tests to calculate the chloride level in the numerous elecrolytic vats.


Kirkland Crane, Inc.

889 IH-45 S.
Huntsville, TX 77340
Toll Free: (888) 288-8023
Phone: (936) 295-6605
Fax: (936) 295-3112


35-Ton Crane Services - A crane was needed to install the 15,000-lb. lifting platform into the new conservation vat.  This is where the Belle is being reconstructed and conserved.




100 North St.
Bloomsbury, NJ 08804
Toll Free: (800) 631-7646
Fax: (908) 479-6885

Rapidograph Jewel-Tip Replacement Points - Part of the recording process in the lab is technical drawing, and the lab employs a full-time artist. These drawings are used in final reports to accurately illustrate different views of the artifact.


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