Raka, Inc.
Reef Industries

Regent Lighting Corp.

Remtek Corp.Ricca Chemical Company
The Ridge Tool Company


Raka, Inc.

41 N. Congress Ave., #8B
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: (561) 279-8929
Fax: (561) 279-2539


Micro Glass Bubbles - These bubbles are applied as a filler in fiberglass resin to reduce the amount of actual resin used and to bulk the fiberglass.



Reef Industries

9209 Almeda-Genoa
P.O. Box 750250
Houston, TX 77275-0250

Toll Free: (800) 275-1070
Phone: (713) 507-4200

Fax: (713) 507-4295

HD Plastic Sheeting - The thick plastic sheeting will be used to form a secondary containment tank around the polyethylene glycol storage tanks..

Regent Lighting Corp.

2611 La Vista Dr.
Burlington, NC 27215
Phone: (336) 226-2411
Fax: (336) 222-8202


Halogen Work Lights - Adequate lighting is a necessity in any lab, and these halogen lights are invaluable to us. A good high-intensity light shone at an angle on to an object will highlight any details that are not normally visible to the naked eye.



Remtek Corporation

11430 Midway Rd.
Dallas, TX 75229-2826
Phone: (214) 654-9206
Fax: (214) 654-9207

3-Dimensional Digitizing Equipment - Some artifacts, frames, and other features of the Belle, as well as the two bronze cannon from the wreck, will be digitally recorded to illustrate their diagnostic attributes.


Ricca Chemical Company

448 West Fork Dr.
 PO Box 13090, Arlington, TX 76012 / 76094
 Toll Free: (888) 467-4222
Phone: (817) 461-5601
Fax: (817) 795-8848


Indicator Dye - Diphenylcarbazone bromophenol blue indicator is used to indicate the end point of the chloride titration.  The titration is used to show the level of chlorides that are present in a particular artifact undergoing electrolysis.



The Ridge Tool Company

440 Clark St.
Elyria, OH 44035
Toll Free: (888) 743-4333
Fax: (800) 873-2160

Fiberglass Folding Rulers - These rulers are ideal when working with wet artifacts, as they are non-corrosive and do not suffer from getting wet. They are clearly graduated in metric and English scales.

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