It would be impossible for the Conservation Research Laboratory to do the conservation work on the varied projects that we undertake each year without the interest and support of a large number of individuals and private industry. This is especially true for very large and diverse projects such as the La Salle Shipwreck Project. We would have no hope of success without this support. It is, therefore, with grateful appreciation that we acknowledge the following companies and individuals for their support, donations, and contributions. Support of this magnitude for the ongoing process of archaeological and historic preservation is commendable and invaluable. The donated materials, chemicals, and equipment are indispensable in carrying out our conservation mandate.

The list that follows is also useful for anyone interested in conservation to determine sources for equipment and to obtain lists of supplies and their applications. We have supplied a contact phone number, address, and, where possible, internet addresses for the companies. These may be used to obtain product information, as well as to place orders.

A&A Sheet Metal Products
Acco North America
Ace Bolt & Screw Co.
Action Technologies
Adams Magnetic Products
Ademco Sensor Company
All American Arkansas Poly
Alloyweld Inspection Company, Inc.
American Art Clay Co.
American Seal, Inc.
American Tool Companies, Inc.
Ameron International
Ansell, Inc.
Applied Industrial Technologies
Arco Pipe Line Co.
Artesyn Technologies
Bailiff Enterprises, Inc.
Baldor Electric

Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Becton Dickinson & Co.
Behlen Manufacturing Co.
Bogen Photo Corp.
BP Sales
Branson Ultrasonics Corp.
Brayton Fire Training School, TAMU
Brazos Fasteners
Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI)
Bureau of Business Research
Cast Nylons, Ltd.
Cates Control Systems
CCL Container
C.F. Jordan
Chaparral Steel
Charles B. Chrystal Co., Inc.
Chem Central
Chemrex, Inc.
Chicago Pneumatic
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Citmed Corporation
Colson Caster Corporation
Consolidated Plastics Company, Inc.
Cooper Industries
Corning, Inc.
Coroplast, Inc.
The Crosby Group, Inc.
CyberForm International
Davis Iron Works, Ltd.
Degussa Corporation
Delta International Machinery Corp.
Delta Steel, Inc.
Devcon Plexus
DeWalt Industrial Tool Company
Dexter Corporation
Diagnostic Imaging Inc.

Diamond Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.
Dietzgen Corporation
Dillon Force Measurement
The Dow Chemical Company
Dow Corning Corporation
Dunnahoe, Charles & Marcia, C.R. & T.J.
Dynacon, Inc.
Edwin Gaynor Company
Efector, Inc.
Emco Maier Corporation
Empire Level Manufacturing Corp.

Eraser Co., Inc.
Esselte Pendaflex Corp.
Essex Brownell Products
Everest Imaging
Fabri-Kal Corporation
Fiberflex, Inc.

Fibergrate Composite Structures, Inc.
Film Technology, Inc.

FMC Corporation
Foamex International, Inc.

Food Protein R&D Center, TAMU
Food Services, TAMU
Foredom Electric Co.
Fort James Corporation
Fox Scientific, Inc.

Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.
Fuji NDT Systems
General Sealants, Inc.

General Tools Manufacturing Company
GE Silicones
Gulf Coast Metal Sales, Inc.
Gulf Coast X-ray, Inc.
Haglof, Inc.
HP Puritan
Harmsco Industrial Filters

Hatfield & Company
Hawkeye Systems Corporation
H-B Instrument Company
Hexcel Schwebel
Hisco, Inc.
Hocker, Inc.
Hoffman Enclosures
H & M Scientific, LLC
Honda Power Equipment Company 
Hub City, Inc.
Hunt Corporation
Huntsman Chemicals
Hutchinson Bag Corporation
IDEC Corp.
Information Packaging Corp.
International Rotex, Inc.
Intsel Steel Group
ITW Philadelphia Resins
Johnson & Johnson
Kimberly-Clark PHC
Kimble Glass, Inc.
Kirkland Crane, Inc.
Lab Safety Supply, Inc.
Lamotte Company
Leco Plastics, Inc.
Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc.
Loctite Corp.
Loeb Equipment Supply Co.
Loos & Co.
Ludlow Textiles Company Inc.
Luxo Lamp Corp.

Manco, Inc.
Magnistitch, Inc.
Mallinckrodt-Baker, Inc.
Marineland Aquarium Products
Marmon Keystone Corp.
McKesson HBOC
McNichols Company
Metal Coatings Corp.

Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
Micro Essential Laboratory
Mid-America Plastics, Inc.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Minigrip Zip Pak
Mission Valley Fabrics, Inc.
Mobil Oil
Mobley Pool Company
Mueller Electric Company
Nalge Nunc International Corp.
National Diamond Laboratory
National X-Ray Corp.
New South West Baking Co.
Newtex Industries, Inc.
Nida-Core Corporation
North American Safety Products, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
Norton Company
Nook Industries, Inc.
NSW Corporation
NTE Electronics Inc.
Nuclear Research Center, TAMU

Occidental Chemical Corp.
Olfa Products
Olympus America, Inc.
OMC Industries, Inc.
Omni International, Inc.
O'Neal Steel, Inc.
Oral B Laboratories, Inc.
Paco Pumps
Paxton - The Wood Source
PDM Chemicals
Pelican Products, Inc.
Perstorp Xytec Corp.
The Physicians Centre
Plastican, Inc.
Premier Dental Products Co.

Prestolite Wire Corporation
Print File, Inc.
Producers Co-op Association
Professional Tool Manufacturing LLC
Progressive Epoxy Polymers
Raka, Inc.

Reef Industries
Regent Lighting Corp.

Remtek Corp.
Ricca Chemical Company
The Ridge Tool Company
The Saunders Group
Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Scott Technical Sales Co.
Seal Products, Inc.
Service Tech
Sharp Electronic Corporation 
S-Line Slings
Smith & Nephew Rehabilitation
Snyder Industries, Inc.
Soil & Crop Sciences,TAMU
Southcorp Packaging USA, Inc.
Southwestern Graphite Co.
South West Wire Rope, Inc.
Speck Pumps
Specialized Products Co.

Sprecher & Schuh
S.S. White Technologies, Inc.
The L.S. Starrett Co.
Steinel America
Sterilite Corp.
Strongwell Corporation
Structural Metals, Inc.
Sunbelt Plastics
Surplus Property, TAMU
SW Marketing Associates, Inc.
THK America, Inc.
Three V Industries, Inc.
Timemark Corp.
TransChem, Inc.
Trinity Industries
Tubular Steel, Inc.
Tupperware Consumer Services
U-C Coatings
Union Carbide Corp.

University Products, Inc.
Uponor ETI
U.S. Borax & Chemical Corp.
U.S. Bronze Powders, Inc.
U.S. Gypsum Company
Vetrotex Certainteed, Inc.
Vilas Motor Works
Virtual Media Integration
Wade Supply
Wagner Casters & Wheels
Waterloo Industries, Inc.
Waterpik© Technologies
Western Packaging Corp.
Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co.
Witco Corporation
Wooster Brush Company

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