Organic Artifacts

Organic artifacts found at the Mardi Gras wreck site include personal items,
such as a toothbrush and utensil handles, and rigging elements.

Bone scales which would have been attached to forks and knives were found, though the utensils themselves do not survive.  

These scales would have formed the handles of the knives or forks by being riveted to the tang of the utensil.

This small brush was likely used as a toothbrush.

Several animal hair bristles were recovered from the holes in the head of the brush, and the head was made of animal bone.

One of several rigging elements which were recovered, the sheaves of a double block are seen at right.  

In addition, two pieces of parcelled rope were found which may have formed the strop of a similar block, and a yard, possibly a boom or gaff, was found at the site.

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2007, Mardi Gras Shipwreck Project-On-going work, URL,, Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, Texas A&M University.

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