Jefferson (1814) - In Progress

The following gallery shows photographs of the Jefferson model during the construction phase. Click on any image to view a larger version. For the complete model, visit this gallery.

Beginning of stern, including transom

Stern Keel, sternpost, and deadwood prior to inserting frames

Stern framesAll frames, view from stern

Frames and futtocks All frames and futtocks completed.

Mast step partsConstructing the mast step from archaeological data

Mast stepMast step in place over the keelson and ceiling planks

Mast step partsMast steps and riders, from stern

Mast stepMast steps and riders, from bow

Mast step partsMast steps and diagnonal riders

Mast stepCopper-lined magazine

Mast step partsLower deck (also called a berth deck)

Mast stepLower deck (also called a berth deck)

Mast step partsLower deck (also called a berth deck) over magazine

Mast stepForemast and bowsprit at the forecastle

Mast step partsMain deck beams at the mainmast.

Mast stepLooking past the main deck beams to the lower deck.


Mast step partsForecastle interior

Mast stepMain deck finished

Mast step partsMain deck finished

Mast step42-pounder carronades

Mast step parts42-pounder carronades in place

Mast stepCarronades, hatches and cable on finished model

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