Nautical Bibliographies

The following works are not always repeated in topic-specific bibliographies:
Bass, GeorgeA History of Seafaring
Bass, GeorgeShips and Shipwrecks of the Americas
Muckelroy, Keith Archaeology Under Water
Throckmorton, PeterThe Sea Remembers

Common Abbreviations
BAR British Publication Series
IJNA International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
MM Mariners Mirror
AJA American Journal of Archaeology
NMM National Maritime Museum (Greenwich, England)
NRS Navy Record Society [Publisher specializing in Naval History]
CUA Confernece on Underwater Archaeology; Annual Publication
INA Institute of Nautical Archaeology
AINA American Institute of Nautical Archaeology which now is INA


The bibliographies listed above were compiled by Nautical Archaeology Program graduate student James L. Coggeshall.

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