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Completed Research Projects

North & South America

War of 1812

War of 1812 Shipwrecks - Kevin Crisman

Eagle - Kevin Crisman

Ticonderoga - Kevin Crisman

Jefferson - Kevin Crisman

War of 1812 Brig Linnett - Erika Washburn

Identity and Construction of Wreck Baker (HMS Princess Charlotte) - Daniel Walker


Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain - Kevin Crisman

Burlington Bay Horse Ferry - Kevin Crisman

Continental Gondola Philadelphia - John Bratten

French and Indian War sloop H.M.S. Boscawen - Kevin Crisman

H.M.S. Boscawen Armament - Brinnen Claesson

H.M.S. Boscawen Personal Items - Gail Erwin

H.M.S. Boscawen Rigging Material - Alan Flanigan

H.M.S. Boscawen Tools - David Grant

The Lake Champlain Sailing Canal Boat - Joseph Cozzi

Sidewheel Steamer Champlain II - Elizabeth Baldwin

Lower Lake Champlain Survey - Scott McLaughlin

Steamboat Phoenix Ceramics - Lester Haddan


Great Lakes

Great Lake Propeller Ship Indiana - David Robinson

Isle Royale Vernacular Watercraft - Hawk Tolson

Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape - Ben Ford

Schooners Newash and Tecumseth - LeeAnne Gordon


1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail - Margaret Leshikar

18th-Century Vessel from Readers Point - Gregory Cook

Monte Cristi Wreck Rhenish Stoneware - Anne Lessmann

16th-Century Shipboard Armament - Samuel Turner



Western River Steamboats - Adam Kane

Civil War Submersible Intelligent Yale - Peter Hitchcock

Civil War Submersible - Richard Wills

Mepkin Abbey Shipwreck - Susan Vezeau

Mayan Seafaring - Rahilla Shatto

18th-Century Shipbuilding - Kelli Van Horn  

Rigging La Belle - Catharine Corder

Western Empire - Joshua Levin

Great Lakes Merchant Schooners - Jon Swanson

P.M.S.S. Great Republic - Andrew Roberts

The Mica Shipwreck -Toby Jones

The Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck - Bridget McVae Johnson



Azores Survey Project - Kevin Crisman

Anglo-American Maritime Memorialization - David Stewart

Framing 17th-Century Men-of-War - Kroum Batchvarov

Fireships - James Coggeshall

English and American Shipboard Carpenters - Brendan McDermott

16th-Century Bronze Cannon - Sarah Hoskins

Development of the Iberian Caravel - George Schwarz

Batavia Ship Research - Wendy van Duivenvoorde

H.M.S. Pallas - P. Erik Flynn


19th-Century Slave Ship Nova Virgem - Mason Miller

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