Henry Wade's Inventory

Jamaica Ss        

An Inventory of all and singular the goods and Chattles

Wade Henry      rights and Credits of Henry Wade Late of the parish of March the 12th     

Port Royal Mariner Deced as they were appraised by 1712   

Jonathan Pim and Cornelius Strays

One Negro wench named Morsteto

 27. 00. 0

One Ditto named Catarlenai

20. 00. 0

One Negro man named Francisco


One Ditto named Lunkhorn


One Boy named Christmas


One Ditto named Frank


One Girle named Jane


One Child named Parey



£ 121.00.0

In pursuance to the Commission to us within Directed wee have faith fully appraised all and singular the

goods and Chattles rights and Creditts of Henry Wade of the parish of Port Royall Marriner Deced and

find the same to amount to One hundred Twenty one pounds Currant money of Jamaica according to the

Inventory hereunto annexed Wittness our hands and Seals this Seventh Day of March Anno Dom 1712

Jonathan Pim

Cornelius Strays