Inventory of Peter Courtney, Vol. 10 Fol.129

Port Royall ________ December 1714

Inventory and appraisment of the goods and chattle of Peter Courtney d__d and is as followeth:

One old Negro man named Jack Valat


One bedd boltoser and 2 pillows


Six spoons , 2 forks, a oz. 14 ½ ab 5 jp. oz.

3.12. 6

Two pairs of old sheets and counter pans


8 old table cloaths, 4 towels

__. 5.__

9 old hamocks and 2 blankets


8 old jackets, 6 pairs breeches and 1 shirt

__.12. 6

9 old chairs , 1 chest and box


1 old table , 1 bench, 1 joynt stoole


9 dishes and 3 plates

__. 7.6.__

3 wooden boxes and one candlestick

__. 2. 6

1 paire small scales and weights

 __. 1. 8

1fry pot and 1 cooking pot

 __12. 6

one female cano with bars and failes ?


one bedstead and one old trunk


2 small pots, 2 spitts and 1 pair of caulk and beams


1 old partellion?


1 looking glass


1 parret




Thomas Browne

Robert Walker

And according to the best of their Judgments and convience inventory and appraisal singular the

goods and chattles rights and creditts of Peter Courtney late of the parish of Port Royall Mariner

deid according as they shall be shown unto them by Ri____ Courtney of Port Royall aforis? Widow

his Ex. Or which they know did belong to the said deial the time of his decease and fates unto our

Cap. Gent. And Gov. in chief of our said Island or to _______ in chief of the fams for the time

being with this power annexed for the inventory and appraisment may be filed and recorded in this

surys office Wittness His Excy. Lord ArchHamilton. This May Cap. Gent. Gov. in chief of said

island and ______ deta Vega the sixteenth day of December Anno Domini 17th and in first year

of our __ign.

A. Hamilton