Vol. 3. Fol. 380
Adam Weenan/Woosnom, Port Royal Cooper
Entered October 11, 1690

One long cedar Table One Side board Table & two old Barmudas Chaires
12 Leather Chaires
One long cedar table with a Drawer and an old Carpet
Small side board Table
an Old Sattle
a Deale Forme
a Sea Chest and an old small box and chaire
a Glass Case and looking glass
an Old Halberd
a back sword and belt
gun and cartouche box and flaske
a pair of pistolls
two old Sadles and a pair of holsters
pr of boots and spurrs and a pr of Pumps
curry comb and brush
hat and hatband
Serge coat and breeches black hair buttons
Old staffe coat and breeches
Old stuff coat breeches and fust___ jackett
Old worsted Camblet Coat
11 Old case knives
bed bedstead and Callico furniture quilt bolstor 3 pillows and old torn sheets
a Caine Elbow Chaire
a small looking glass and a small dressing box broke
Old chest of drawers
Small table with a drawer and an old dressing box
Old Span Chest a Close stool and pan
2 hamackes
2 chests curtains and vallins old
5 old coarse sheets
7 pillow bors
3 pr thred and 1 pr silke old stockings
3 shirts
3 round robins
2 fust__n Jacketts 2 neck clothes and a cravate
an Old Bedsted old sheets 2 very old small beds and a quilt
an old trunke
a Spice Box
a Lignum Vite Tumbler and a s___ing spice box
a poll of very old Printed books
a proll old lynnon
1 Tunn old sugar hoggsheads
2000 of hoggshead staves at
30 small caskes and _undlotts and 4 partes
4 garicas 3 iron bound punchoons (?)
a proll new England hoopes
old water casks and a proll of Lumber in the yard
One hundred pound and halfe of old pewter
brass and copper
a wrack a frying pan two trivetts a grid iron and other lumber in the cook room
an old Jack a spitt an Iron Pott
a pcoll of Coopers tooles
a pcoll of truss hoops
a pr of old stylliards
a negroe boy Christmass
a negroe boy named Darby and a negroe woman named Hannah
a Tankard a Salt seller and 2 spoones at 42 ounces of silver
2 doz ½ of Old napkins and towells and two coarse table cloths
one deske
3 Negroes Viz Congo Jack and Daphne

£139 04 00¾

Thomas King
John Crosskeys