Vol. 3. Fol. 8
John Lewis, Port Royal Mariner ('deceased on board the Pink Elizabeth: Syrn on F-en Commander in the Bay of hunduras')

Signed/Sealed December 30, 1686

In George Summerfields yard on Port Royall
A percell of logwood qt __ tun at 6 10
Sundry debts amounting to
32 10 00
64 14 11

£98 04 11

Wee the above named appraisers do find the whole to amount unto the sue of Nynety Eight pounds four shillings and eleven pence. In witness where of wee have heer unto sett our hands and seals the thirtieth day of December in the second year of the reigne of our Sovereign Lord King James the Second of England Anno Dm 1686.

Robert Rand
John Dancy