Will of Alice Alexander pg. 1


The tenth day of the eleventh month called January in the yeare of our lord 1676 I Alice

Alexander relative of Thonas Lockyear and executor to his last will & testament deceas being

Of sicke body but of good and perfect memory thanks be for Almighty God and calling to

Remeberance the uncertyn estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield

Onto death when it shall please Fod to call I do make consitute ordayne and declare this my

Last will & testament in manners & forme followinge revoaking and admitting by these

Present all and every testament and testaments will and wills heretofore by one made and

Declared either by verse or writtinge and this to be taken only for my l;ast will and testament

None other, and forsaking of my temporall estate and such houses lands stables goods

Chattles is it hath pleased God to bestowe upon mee I doe order give and dispose the farms in

Manner and forme following that is to say ffirst I will that all those debts & duty as I give

in rights or convienience to my manner of p son or p sons whatsoever shall be well and truly contented

and paid by my executor hereafter named, him I give and bequeth onto Jane Alexander my

bricke house p psn with the yard on the backside and all the apptenos there

unto belonging, but of she shall dye without a child then to her father my husband the

same I give unto Nickolas Alexander by name, of she hath a child to her and her child

for ever, Him I give and bequeth onto my well beloved husband all the rest of my houses

and lands in Port Royall in the island aforesaid with all my goods Chattles of what kind

and use to him and his heirs forever, Nickolas Alexander by name, Him I give and bequeth onto the body of friends one hundred pounds sterling to be paid within twelve months

after my decease, Him I give and bequeth unto my first cozin in Suffolke in England

ffity pounds sterling or any one one of them that demand that jane first to be paid within

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six months lawfully demanded, him I give and bequeth unto Edward Moulder for him

and his heirs ever my five hundred and forty acres of land in the Cabeuttas in St.

Elizabeth parrish which my former husband Thomas Lockyear pattened in his name

Him squire and bequeth onto Mary Galloway five pounds sterling Him I give and bequeth

Onto my two little Negroes by name blacke Betty and Grace theur freedom all the tyme of

Their being to my one yeare old each and that they may be well accounted in apparel

And five pounds sterling to Betty and three pounds sterling to Grace att the opinion of the aged

And that they shall live with Jane Alexander until that tyme expired and in case of

Janes decease that then with her father Nickolas Alexander and in case of both their death

To the boddy of friends to care for them, And my will is that they shall be kept in household

employment and in nochardshipp all the tyme of their being under twenty years of age,

Him I give and bequeth unti Anne Gaudy whatsoever she stands indebted unto me him

Squire unto James Pinnucke of Lignoea whatsoever she oweth me, him I squire and bequeth

Unto Samuel Johnson the son of Ralph Johnson tenne pounds sterling to be paid within

Six months after my decease, Him squire & bequeth onto John Casturight twenty pounds

Sterling to be paid him all goeing off this island to accommodate him in his voyages & travels

Give and bequeth unto Mary Lockyear the sister of Thomas Lockyear my former husband

Twenty pounds sterling, and to be sent her to London if she is living, Lastly I define

& appoint my dear & loving husband Nickolas Alexander to be my sole executor of this

My last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and

Fixed my seale the day and yeare first above mencioned                   Alice Alexander

Signed sealed & defined in the prescencee of Andrew Hirington, William Wyeth,

I Nickolas Alexander husband write the aforesaid Alice doe confirme& condiscon that

all the within and above particulars which is mencioned in her will and by those present

bind myself my heirs exec & cadon to confirm the same in every respect and from the

wittnesse my hand and seale this sixteenth day of the third month called May Anos 1677

Test Mon Wyeth Andrew Hington                                                     Nickolas Alexander

Hims E & that on the seventeenth day of may Anos Don 1677 William Wyatt & Andre Hington

Appeared before me and both being duly sworne made oath that they were present when Alice

Alexander / being of sound and perfect memory , signed & sealed the above written Will and

Published and declare the same to be her last will & testament and that Capt Nickolas

Alexander did signe & seale the above writing confirmcon in their presence signe before me

Recorded the 17th day of May, 1677                                                  Vaughn