Vol. 3. Fol. 5
Andrew Orgill, Port Royal Merchant-Planter (see also his probate inventory)
Signed/Sealed September 17, 1680

In the name of God amen, I Andrew Orgill now in the island of Jamaica and lately of Shattford Row In the county of Middlesex in England being of perfect mind and memory doe make and ordain this my present last will and testament in manner and forme following first and principly I commend my soule to the hands of almighty God hopeing through the mesritts [messiah's ?] death and passion of my savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon & forgiveness of all my sins and to inheritt everlasting life and my body I committ to the earth to be decently buried att St. Jago Delaveigo att the discution of my son Andrew Orgill and as touching the disposetion of all such temporall estate as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I give and dispose there of as followeth: ffirst I will that all my debts and funerall charges shall be paid and discharged. Item I give unto my loving wife Barbara Orgill all my land and houses and limekills lying in the Bromley in the county of Middlesex aforesaid during her natural life and after her decease to my son John Orgill and if my said son John Orgill shall dye without heire of his own body lawfully begotten, I give all the said land housses and Lime Kills to be equally divided among my three daughters Barbara Luce and Jane. Item I give unto my said wife all my household goods and plate. Item I give unto my said wife and my four children John Orgill Barbara Luce and Jane my one halfe parte of what is plantation between my selfe and my sonn Andrew Orgill in St. Mary pish [parish] shall yearly produce from time to time over and above one hundred pounds per annum which my said sonn Andrew shall yearly lay out to supply the plantation with stock and negroes, and over and above the other necessary charges besides the said hundred pounds, the same to be equally divided among my said wife and children, John, Barbara, Luce and Jane from time to time as it shall be by any of them recieved. Item I give unto my son Andrew Orgill one halfe part of of my land called the Crawll land in St. Marys parish and one halfe part of my land and houses in porta Mariant [Morant] Bay lately perchased of Sir Charles Modyford, and my said son Andrew, and also I give unto my said son Andrew Orgill one halfe parte of my land in St. Georges pish. Item I give all the rest of my estate psonall [personal] to be equally divided among my said wife and four children John, Barbara, Luce and Jane, and if any of them shall dye before they come to age then what I leave now and bequiath to them or any of them shall be equally divided among the rest, but after that my said wife and four children, John Orgill, Barbara, Luce and Jane shall have recieved over and above the land, houses an Lime Kills [kilns] in the pish of bromley aforesaid and the houseshold goods and plate given to my wife and after her decease my sonn John as above sd [said]. by virtue of this my will and testament each of them One thousand pounds, which is together five thousand pounds of lawful money of England, and yearly one hundred and fifty pounds of lawful money of England besides for theire yearly maintainance till such time as they shall each and every of them have recieved one thousand pounds as above said I doe give all the rest of my worldly estate both the real and the personall to my son Andrew Orgill and I appointe my son Andrew Orgill to be executor of this my last Will and Testament in Jamaica and my wife Barbara executrix of this my last Will and Testament in England and I doe hereby revoke disanull and make voyd all further wills and testaments by me heretofore made. In Witness where of I the said Andrew Orgill to this my Last Will and Testament sett my hand and seale the seaventeenth day of September 1680 in Port Royall before the signing and sealing here of was blessed out of the three and thirtyth line against which it past as to the word both reall and________. I declare this to be my last will in a sheet of pap.

Andrew Orgill

Signed Sealed and delivered in the psence of
John Lull
H. Mason
L______ A ______

Note: Places mentioned either in the will or inventories of Andrew Orgill

In England:
Shattford Row in the County of Middlesex in England - The location at which Andrew Orgill lived prior to immigrating to Jamaica.
The Parish of Bromley in the County of Middlesex in England - The location of all Andrew Orgills' lands, houses and lime kilns that he still owns.

In Jamaica:
St. Jago Delaveigo - The location Andrew Orgill has chosen to be buried.
St. Marys Parish - Where his land called 'The Crawll' is located. Probably referring to an area of turtle crawls, pens, along the beach on the north side of the island.
St. Georges Parish - Land only. Located to the east side of St. Marys Parish along the northern coast of the island.
Port Morant Bay - Both land and houses only recently purchased from Sir Charles Modyford
Port Royall - Not mentioned by name in the will but an inventory was done in Port Royal although the type of property inventoried is not clearly identified.
The Plantation - This is added separate from the above locations because it is never clearly placed in or near any of the parishes or cities mentioned and it is possible that it is located else where on the island.