Vol. 4. Fol. 14
Francis Vincent, Port Royal
Signed/Sealed July 11, 1681

In the name of God amen I Francis Vincent gent being on a voyage for England and being of sick and weak body but of sound memory doe make & ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner & forme following, that is to say, first I bequeath my soul to God my maker hopeing through the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ to be made p[ar]taker of his everlasting glory, my body I order to be buryed at the discretion of my Executrix hereafter named and for worldly estate God in his goodnefs has bestowed, upon me I dispose of as followeth erigt Imprs (Imprimus) I give and bequeath unto my dear and loveing Cozen Sarah Vincent all that estate and estates remainder & remainders Land and Tenements which were given and divided unto and by the last Will & Testament of William Vincent gent late husband of the said Sarah Vincent and all other my lands and Testament Tenements which I have and enjoy in the island of Jamaica to have and to hold the same and all the afore named premises to the said Sarah Vincent and her heires for ever, Item I give, unto the said Sarah Vincent and her heirs for ever the moietie or halfe part of a certain messuage (?) house or Tenement together with a moietie of all houses barnes, stables, and out houses lands tenements meadows pastures Arable lands comons ways woods water profits and appurtenances to the said moietie or halfe parte which I hold as Tenant in comon with my loving sister Elizabeth Vincent and by us jointly based to Robert Flerobin (?) and Thomas Langdale, which said messuage (?) and all the premises before meneoned [mentioned] or seituate in being at Hockmetone in the County of Darby eight miles from Darby, Item I give and comitt unto my loveing Sister Elizabeth Vincent all rents and arrears in rent which she shall have received by vertue of being my attorney, at or before the date hereof Item I doe hereby constitute, ordaine, and appoint my loveing Cozen Sarah Vincent aforesaid to be my sole Exttrx of this my last Will and Testament in the presence of us the Eleventh day of July in the year of our Lord 1681

Fr. Vincent
Edw. Bokeller
Joseph Knapman
John Herbert Coward
Will Dixon.

: Following this is a section in Latin, which is very dark and difficult to transcribe; it may be legible to someone who reads Latin.