1. EPA krater by the Analatos Painter (700 BC)

2. MPA Eleusis amphora (660 BC)

3. SOS amphora (630 BC)

4. LPA amphora by the Nettos Painter (615 BC)

5. EBF kylix by Komast group (580 BC)

6. Tondo with Herakles wrestling the Triton (550 BC)

7. Achilles slays Penthesilea by Exekias (530 BC)

8. Penteconter on a dinos by Exekias (530 BC)

9. Herakles wrestles Antaios by Euphronios (520 BC)

10. Maenad by Kleophrades Painter (490 BC)

11. Name Vase of the Achilles Painter (450 BC)


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