ANTH 689 Mediterranean Pottery

Fall 2004 / Dr. Deborah Carlson



Assignment #1



For this first project you will prepare catalog entries for five distinct ceramic vessels.  The vessels will be “on display” in ANTH 107C and will be accessible during building hours.  In preparing your catalog entries, you will want to identify recognizable shapes, provide measurements of all diagnostic elements (to the nearest 0.01 cm), characterize fabrics, and describe any and all decoration and extraneous marks (such as production marks or graffiti). 


A Munsell color chart and a pair of digital calipers will be available to all students but should not leave ANTH 107C. 


Think of this exercise as a necessary and very important part of fieldwork.  While you are not expected to research specific parallels for the vessels in question, you may find it useful to familiarize yourself with the format, style, and content of standard pottery catalogs such as B.A.Sparkes and L. Talcott, Black and plain pottery of the 6th, 5th, and 4th centuries B.C., Athenian Agora 12 (1970), and U. Knigge, Der Südhügel, Kerameikos IX (1976).


Students are asked to please work alone, inasmuch as a secondary goal of this exercise is to gauge the consistency (or variety) with which different individuals assess the same pot.


This assignment is due in class on Wednesday, September 22.